Area of Focus:
  • Tracking/reporting innovation activities – Risk mitigation, readiness, business unit alignment
  • Generative and iterative portfolios – Establishing a process to effectively balance priorities
  • Innovation priorities outside the core
  • Smart risk management and risk transfer
  • Is this incremental or transformative – market requirement
  • Is it in line with the pace of innovation across the industry, readiness of the market to deliver consumer experience
  • Will this drive efficiency, streamline the way to GTM
  • Future proof innovation – technology, product
  • Innovation does not alienate while upgrading, backward and forward compatibility
  • Organic or inorganic approach to innovation, through acquisitions. Risks around data and IP
  • Quality of innovation while catering to the customer
  • Manage risk from product portfolio risk
  • Ventures within organisations – manpower fluidity
  • Regulation on innovation, standardization lacking

How To Join

Membership in the Growth Innovation Leadership Council of global visionaries is key to propel your organization into the next realm of this innovative age. Apply to join and a representative from our Member Services team will contact you to detail the benefits of the program and provide a behind the scenes tour of our members only portal.

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