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The Three Pillars of Transformational Growth

  • An unparalleled platform for executives seeking to accelerate their transformational growth journeys.
  • Your gateway to personalized and exclusively curated intelligence that drives transformational growth.
  • Growth coaching focuses on traits, subtraits, and best practices to help people become transformative leaders.
Transformational Growth for Leaders & Companies

Strategic Imperatives: 2024 Critical Issues

Each year, Growth Partners vote on the most important issues facing their industry, in their region of the globe. The annual Critical Issues become the key areas of focus for Partner discussion and Council events throughout the year.

Innovating for Sustainability

Changing a Risk-Averse Core Culture

Embracing Generative AI-Driven Business Model Disruption

Incorporating Innovation-as-a-Process

Using Limited Resources Effectively

Enabling Disruption via Digital Transformation

Embracing AI-Driven Business Model Disruption

Leveraging the Dynamics and Spread of Ecosystem to Lead Change

Sustainability & Resilience through Digitalization

Talent Management and Future of Work

Developing Capabilities to Benefit from New Business Opportunities

Cyber Resilience and Data Privacy Amidst Escalating Cyber Threats

Growth Community

An unparalleled platform for executives seeking to accelerate their transformational growth journeys.

Growth Partners

Growth Council Think Tank Series

24th July

Accelerating Growth

25th July

Growth Opportunities in Global Health Ingredients

29th July

Unlocking Global Defense Growth Opportunities

30th July

Fuel Cell Adoption Strategies in North America and Europe

31st July

Growth Opportunities in the Used Car Market in Brazil and Mexico

12th August

Growth Opportunities in Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) - Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Software-Defined Vehicles

14th August

Growth Opportunities in Global Manufacturing

20th August

Global Growth Opportunities in Machines - Connected Machines

21st August

Leveraging M&A for Digital Transformation

21st August

Ecosystem in Global Energy and Environment landscape

22nd August

Technology Strategies in Global Cybersecurity

22nd August

Global Growth Opportunities in Industrial Automation

22nd August

Growth Opportunities in Global Mechanical Test

23rd August

Data-driven Strategies in the European smart water metering industry Empowering Utilities

27th August

Growth Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

28th August

Reimagining Hospital-at-Home

29th August

Competitive Benchmarking for Vision Statements

29th August

Growth Opportunities

10th September

Strategic Imperatives Impacting Technology Strategies - Reclaiming Competitiveness

11th September

Growth Opportunities in New Product Development

16th September

Transformation in Global Manufacturing

18th September

Measuring M&A Success

18th September

Best Practices in Global Oil & Gas

18th September

Embracing Transformation in the Chemicals & Materials Industry

19th September

Strategic Partnering in Global Cybersecurity

19th September


20th September

Transformation in the Material Recovery Facilities How AI and Robotics are driving speed, scale and savings for waste recycling plants

23rd September

Growth Opportunities in Global Commercial & Public Security

24th September

Global Growth Opportunities in Industrial Automation

25th September

Next-Gen Biotics

26th September

Competitive Benchmarking for Innovation

30th September

Growth Opportunities in Digital Industry Accelerators- Growth Opportunities in Collaborative Cobots

15th October

Growth Opportunities in Oncology

16th October

Growth Opportunities

16th October

Transformation in Global Oil & Gas

16th October

Growth Opportunities in Global Manufacturing

17th October

Strategic Partnering in Global Cybersecurity

18th October

Ecosystem in Circular Economy of Plastics Recycling Mechanical and Chemical Recycling

Innovation Workshop & Tours: A Quarterly Series

Innovation Tour offers members exclusive, immersive experience exploring innovation frontiers, market dynamics, customer insights, and competitive landscapes.

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Your gateway to personalized and exclusively curated intelligence that drives transformational growth.

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Growth Coaching

Growth Coaching Program enhances Leadership to sharpen the team-approach to achieving Transformational Growth!

Growth Coaching Program

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Growth Coach

Frost & Sullivan growth experts with vast experience in corporate executive leadership and transformational growth, our team helps you benchmark against successful leaders' practices.

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A quarterly series, each focused on a different management challenge.

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Mark Castleman

Managing Director at Ignite: Intel for Startups, Intel Corporation

Frost & Sullivan is able to bring a highly curated collection of insights and expertise surrounding concepts relevant to our program including corporate innovation and emerging technologies. The individual connections have proved valuable to our growth and success!

Michelle Dorminey

Vice President Innovation, TrueCar

Frost & Sullivan hosted an exceptional workshop that brought together industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries. The broad representation across industries provided a unique opportunity to engage with forward-thinking professionals. The interactive discussions offered a collaborative learning experience, igniting fresh ideas and fostering new partnerships