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2022 Critical Issues

Each year, Council members vote on the most important issues facing their industry, in their region of the globe. The annual Critical Issues become the key areas of focus for member discussion and Council events throughout the year.

Business Model Strategy

Strategic Planning for 2030 and Beyond

Areas of Focus:

  • Curating the strategic roadmap
  • Pivoting in response to changing external factors
  • Aligning the organization for your top competitive priorities
Translating Consumer Trends into Business Opportunities

The War for Talent

Areas of Focus:

  • Addressing recruitment and retention challenges amidst The Great Resignation
  • Evolving compensation and incentives expectations
  • Attracting talent aligned with company culture
Innovation Portfolio

Integrating New Disruptive Technologies into Your Innovation Portfolio

Areas of Focus:

  • Scenario visioning for the evolving future & development of 5 year and 10 year horizon plans
  • Developing an early warning system for future technology risk assessment
  • Utilizing a new reality based framework to drive innovation via technology convergence
Nurturing an Innovation Culture

Go-to-Market Strategy

Areas of Focus:

  • Validating value perception and reality
  • Commercializing the value in an optimal way
  • Identifying true value propositions
Mapping Future Customer Experiences

Translating Consumer Trends into Business Opportunities

Areas of Focus:

  • Pivoting products and services to value-based buying
  • Understanding the significance of pandemic driven shifts in consumer behavior
  • Meeting heightened expectations to achieve improved increase consumer satisfaction
Rationalizing Risk in Innovation

Data Valuation and Monetization

Areas of Focus:

  • Leveraging the internal value of data for more effective decision-making
  • Embedding the value of data in an overall solution
  • Developing a partnership framework for data value extraction
  • Quickly anticipating trends and technology shifts using predictive intelligence

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